Monday, July 26, 2010


I am very sorry that I haven't kept up with this.  I had all good intentions for this blog.  I wanted to keep Chalan aware of what was happening in our woods and also for friends and family if they were interested.  But, life being itself....

Kevin spent some time in the hospital and at Heritage for PT.  He seemed to be getting better, so after 20 days (the magic number when Medicare won't pay 100%) he was released.  It has been a battle day to day ever since.

I started a new job recently and my boss Tim is very understanding and supportive of our situation.  His wife, Sarah, is a nurse so she also understands and empathizes. 

It's very hard and very sad.  Some days I am just a hollow shell and wonder how long I can keep trying.  Good thing I'm stubborn I guess!

I try to tell myself tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities.  Not every day is sad, and there are good days when the hope is still alive and vibrant.  I cherish those days and if willing it can make it happen, there will be many more!

Keep in touch and so will I.


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