Monday, May 30, 2011

The Road Turns Here-a poem from one who has gone on ahead

 The road turns here,
Up ahead you can just see it.

The sky is bluer now, the trees more green.
You can see that the clouds are different,
And the sun shines just a little bit sweeter.

Am I worthy?  Am I afraid?
I don’t know…maybe.
And yes, I am afraid.

I just wish I had known
That finally and forever
Would be NOW.
I wasn’t quite ready to go.

My journey was too short.

I wish I could gather up
All the fun times, the sun times,
The afternoons and the mornings,
And the days.
If I could-I would.

But not to give them back.
Oh no,
They’re mine to take with me.
But I’ll share.

For I have known the light in places
No solar sun could penetrate.
The twinkles in your smiles to me
Could outshine the stars themselves.

Even when the tempests came,
And I could not see beyond
The walls of clouds,
Your radiance made it through to me.

So, I’ll go happy now,
If I can look back one last time
At the suns and stars I know,
And knew, and loved.
I hope you knew.
I hope you know.

The road turns here,
Up ahead you can just see it,
And our journey is short.

I’ll see you when you get here.

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