Thursday, June 18, 2009

The View From My Window

"Clutter" is many things but a part of everyone's life-whether we admit it or not. The cluttering up of our hearts, souls and spirits is what makes each of us unique. The clutter of my life here will include many things. I hope you enjoy the view.

My home is in the woods. I live in a log cabin built from the trees on the land in the "old style". It's rustic, drafty but I love it and can't imagine living anywhere else. Right now, as I type, the birds are waking up and calling to each other. A new day. We should take a lesson from them and greet each morning as a new beginning and let go of the trials and tribulations of the previous day...and sing!

I'm not sure what you will read on this blog but it will be from my heart and will be honest. I love to write and I'll share some of the short stories and poetry I've written and will write here. I'm also an artist so there will be photos of some of my work from the past and that to come.

So, come walk with me and we'll see what we discover!


  1. I am so glad you started a blog, I know it will be successful! Show off your art, your a wonderful artist, and tell your stories. (((Hugs)))

  2. Thank you! I have a feeling we were brought together for a reason!


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