Thursday, November 11, 2010

Press Release-Local History and Creative Innovation Entwine

Released to the Chautauqua Star and the Post-Journal on November 8, 2010

Local History and Creative Innovation Entwine

The Beechwood Country House Restaurant-an eclectic, unique restaurant providing the area with fine cuisine and carrying on a tradition

Not so very long ago there was a man from this area that had a dream.  It wasn’t a huge dream.  It was small really, compared to many, but it was his.  So, working towards this dream, he went to culinary school at the age of 30 years old, graduated with honors and became a chef in various establishments, high-end and low through the years. Gradually working his way back home to Chautauqua County, he decided to make that dream he had fostered for so many years a reality. 
Taking possession of The Beechwood Country House Restaurant in February 2010, Tim and his wife Sarah, friend and employee Chelsea Newton, and various others spent many, many hours doing grubby, dirty work refurbishing, remodeling and restoring this landmark to an acceptable operating condition once again. With high hopes and confidence, Tim and Sarah Mills opened The Beechwood Country House Restaurant in May under new ownership.
The fireplace crackles for all to enjoy!
Absolutely everything made in the kitchen at The Beechwood is prepared fresh, and are not pre-bought frozen, jarred or canned entrées.  Mills uses his own freshly made pastas-not factory produced.  Each and every entrée is prepared à la minute-as it is ordered.  There is not a big pot of sauce simmering on the stove all evening waiting to be ladled over the pasta.  There is no warmer keeping the chicken hot, it is fried up or grilled to order.   Every item on the menu is prepared after that yellow slip goes into the kitchen from the server’s pad.
Guests are treated with respect and courtesy, the cuisine is fantastic as well as artful and creative, and the ambiance is marvelous. Chef Mills and the staff at the new Beechwood Country House Restaurant are always willing to accommodate dietary needs when possible and truly listen to their customers.  Mills and staff also strive to help out the local community in unique manners. 
Jeff & Beth Kresge enjoy their boobs!
In October, Chef Mills created a unique dessert to raise money for the local Cancer Services program in Chautauqua County.  The “Beechwood Boobie Bombe” brought smiles to the fine patrons that purchased them.  The price of the dessert was worth every penny to watch Chef Mills flambé it tableside with flair and finesse!
Though operating without a liquor license at present, there is no lack of beverages to choose from-smoothies, Kona Mocha Frappuccinos, Italian sodas, soft drinks, lattes, cappucinnos, espresso, a multitude of herbal and traditional teas as well as their fantastic coffee.  The process of getting a liquor license is long and expensive.  With luck, and with support from current patrons and new, Mills hopes to have the license by the new year.
The Beechwood Country House Restaurant is also available for private holiday parties and banquets.  Chef Mills, with his many years of experience, caters affairs on site or off.  A traditional sit-down Thanksgiving Dinner is also being offered by reservation only as well as home made pies for the holidays.  Call 716-526-4214 for reservations or pie orders.  Check out the lovely pies on the website as well as much more at, or find The Beechwood Country House Restaurant on Facebook, Twitter, MerchantCircle and Ubanspoon.
Life can often get awfully dull and humdrum, and so can food.  Do yourself and your palate a favor and have a savory, unique culinary adventure at the NEW Beechwood Country House Restaurant. Experience and embrace some change in your lives!  You won’t be disappointed.

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